Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snorkeling in Boracay

As soon as I lowered myself into Boracay’s balmy waters, hundreds of fish began swimming in the currents I had created. Just underneath the surface, coral — some of it resembling the heads of cauliflower, others looking more like the human brain — hid even more fish.
Crocodile Island is one of the Philippines’ finest snorkeling spots, featuring a wide variety of marine life and depths that are suitable to explorers of all levels of experience. Located about 200 miles south of Manila, it’s a 20-minute boat ride from the island of Boracay, a fast-growing tourist destination known for its White Beach.
Boracay used to be a near-empty oasis of white sand and pristine waters. Only dedicated beach lovers or those wanting an isolated escape would go. Today, there are two gateways ushering tourists to Boracay.
The first is via the Caticlan airport, about an hour’s flight from Manila. From the airport, you can walk 10 minutes to Caticlan’s Jetty Port, where a 15-minute boat ride will bring you to White Beach. (Most mid-range to high-end hotels will have designated boats waiting to pick you up.)


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